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Repairs Policy for PCs and Laptops

Assessment to identify the problem

We provide a quick assessment to try and identify the problem for free.

More intensive assessment might incur a charge, but the customer will be consulted first.

Cost of Repairs

Repair charges start at $45 (plus our selling price of parts we provide).

Repairs are only done after consultation with customer.

Completion Time

The customer will be notified as soon as the repair is completed.

Time taken to complete a repair will depend on other work at the time and availability of volunteer technicians - usually within 3 days.

Items not Collected

Any item left for repair and not collected within 90 days of completion will be disposed of to recover costs.

Replacement Parts

If a part needs replacement then we replace it if we have a suitable item available in stock. We do not supply new part replacements.

We can, however, provide advice on where you can purchase a new part and will install it for you.