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Donation of Equipment

PCs for Kids values your donation of any computer equipment, no matter what its condition.

As a direct result of donations of equipment from businesses, schools and the public together with the dedicated volunteer staff at PCs for Kids, many children and families obtain access to vital technology assisting them to move into higher areas of learning and towards a brighter future.

All equipment donated is evaluated to see if it can be refurbished, and if that is not possible, the equipment is completely dismantled and all of the components are recycled.

Note: Hard drives are removed prior to any other procedures and go through a process of erasing/shredding to DOD standards which ensures that NONE of the data can be accessed or reconstructed. We feel it is a moral duty and ethical obligation on our part to respect the privacy of our benefactors in this way.

Recycling e-waste

PCs for Kids is a participant in the technological e-waste program which includes IT, telecommunications and TV and audio related equipment.

Please ask if you are not sure what we do take.

Recycling provides a major part of funding PCs for Kids.

Recycled (scrap) parts have a value when disposed of at the recycler. This also stops valuable resources going to landfill.

Our recycling area dismantles each item, separating the parts into their appropriate components e.g. plastic, steel, copper, brass, any other alloys, before sending to the appropriate recycler.

e-waste - City of Greater Geelong (geelongaustralia.com.au)